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Our roots grow deep in the heart of the Driftless Area, watched over by the

grandeur of rugged bluffs, and drawing down to the glistening waters

of the Mississippi River.

In 1914, the La Crosse Curling Club (LCC) began as an outdoor club, curling

on the natural ice of the La Crosse River.  Later, we moved indoors to refrigerated

locations, with many years spent at the fairground's horse barn and at the northside industrial park.  For many years, the LCC hosted the popular early season event: The Oktoberfest Bonspiel.  After many prosperous years, the northside location closed in 1998.  Our curling stones were packed away for a 12 year slumber, resting up for their grand re-entry into the curling world.  In 2010, we reconstituted the La Crosse Curling Club, moved into our new location at Green Island Ice Arena, and established a full schedule of curling opportunities.  Our USCA certified instructors have taught over 500 youth and adults during our learn-to-curl sessions.  We have hosted youth and adult Winter Rec Fest events, youth curling field trips,

2-on-2 mini spiels, as well as clinics, leagues, bonspiels, and camps for instructors and officials.  

Historically, LCC members have competed in local, national, and world events.  Members have gone on to curl on the 1998 US Olympic Team in Nagano, Japan; served as the Sport Administrator for Curling in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City; and curled on the Senior Men's National Championship Team.  In recent years, we have had both men's and women's teams represent our club and state at the Arena National Championship, with the women bringing home two consecutive silver medals.  For annual highlights of the newly reestablished club, click on the 'timeline' tab.

"LCC carries with it a rich history..."


"The heart of curling is in its incomparable spirit.  Without that spirit, curling is just another pastime.  Played in that spirit, it is the king of all games."

    Plain and simple... we love curling.  We love to talk about it,

   share it, teach it, play it, and dream about it.


   We have strived to assemble a membership of intergenerational                individuals of varied abilities who want to learn to curl, enjoy the             camaraderie of 'chess on ice', improve skills, or curl competitively.          We share our passion with our community and local schools,                  offering events for youth and adults to engage in the spirit of curling.        Our instructors proficiently weave together technique and artistry,       all entwined in the time honored traditions of this sport.


  This legacy entrusts us to unite before and after each game to share a  hearty handshake and wishes of goodwill to both teammates and opponents.


"Vision without action

is merely a dream.

Action without vision

just passes the time.

Vision with action

can change the world."

As the Winter Olympics came to a close in 2010, a small group of former

LCC members were empowered with the capacity to foresee a future of

a new La Crosse Curling Club.

With their tireless energy along with our growing membership, we hope

to continue the quest of cultivating the sport throughout the Coulee Region. 

We envision a building with dedicated curling ice.  A home where we may

curl seven days a week, allowing us to host more bonspiels, championships,

and major curling competitions.  We aspire to offer our community a winter

sport that benefits their physical health and mental well being, while

providing a haven to harbor a diverse locale of enthusiasts.  After eleven active

years, we continue to celebrate the return of "Curling-in-La Crosse."

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