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Curling Modifications for 2020-21


The La Crosse Curling Club will:


  1. Post guidelines on the club website with printed copies available at the arena, and members must agree to abide by the guidelines at all times in order to curl.  

  2. Instruct members not to come to the arena if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or had any contacts with someone with COVID-19.

  3. Limit the number of curlers to fewer than 20 at a time.

  4. Admit into the arena only REGISTERED curlers and DESIGNATED ice preparation STAFF.

  5. Instruct curlers to (a) arrive no more than 15 minutes before the start of their league, (b) to arrive ready to curl, and (c) not enter locker rooms for any reason.

  6. Instruct curlers to immediately inform the league manager if they were exposed to COVID-19 or have developed
    COVID-19 symptoms so the LCC Response Team can inform other curlers that they may have been exposed. 

  7. Record attendance during each league to maintain and provide a record for contact tracing if needed.   

  8. Require all curlers to wear masks properly positioned at all times in the arena.

  9. Encourage curlers to wear gloves when in the arena.  

  10. Replace the traditional handshakes before and after a match with “broom taps”.

  11. Prepare only 3 sheets for curling instead of our normal 5 sheets to ensure that 15 feet of space exists between curling teams and to ensure that no more than six teams/fewer than 20 curlers co-exist on the ice in any league.  

  12. Instruct players to (a) touch with their hands only the designated rocks that they deliver throughout the entire match and (b) use their brooms to move stones off the field of play.

  13. Instruct teams to utilize only 1 sweeper for each stone delivered instead of the traditional 2 sweepers.  

  14. Instruct curlers to exit the arena within 15 minutes after completing their match.

  15. Instruct all teams at the conclusion of their match to sanitize the equipment. Additionally, LCC will allot transition time if the schedule includes back-to-back leagues to prevent congestion and cross contamination between the two groups.

16. Prohibit traditional socializing at the arena after the match.    

17. Cancel our remaining schedule of league play for that 6-week session if the number of COVID-19 cases in La Crosse

      County rises significantly or if it is determined that the risks associated with curling are significant.  LCC will resume                 curling in the next 6-week session only if determined safe to do so. 

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