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Kwik Trip Fundraiser

FUNDRAISING for the LCC – effortless…if you stop at KWIK Trip, ever. How it works: You buy Kwik Trip scrip cards (like gift cards) at face value from the Curling Club (e.g., you pay $100 for a $100 card), and the Club earns 5% on your gas purchases and up to 15% on your in-store purchases. What to do:

1. Decide on how many cards you want of each of the following denominations: $25s, $50s, $100s, $200s, $500s. 2. When you come in to curl this week, order your cards and pay for them with cash or checks made out to LCC (La Crosse Curling Club). 3. The following week when you are scheduled to curl, we will give you your cards. Questions? Contact Curling Club member Roger Ziff (788-3991).

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