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LCC Men’s Team Competes at Arena Nationals

The La Crosse Curling Club men’s team competed at the USA Curling Arena National Championships from November 3rd through 6th, hosted by Curl Mesabi in Eveleth, MN. The team (Skip – Andy Geiger, Vice – Brian Bessert, Second – Ryan Brown, Lead – James Duffrin, Alternate & Coach – Robert Richardson) finished with a 0-5 record but represented the club well and with the Spirit of Curling. In all five matches, the score for most ends was a single point for either the LCC or the opponent – opponents simply got more of them.

While the final record was not what the team had hoped for, all agreed that it was a great event and were proud to have had the opportunity to represent the La Crosse Curling Club and the Wisconsin region.

Highlights for the team included:

  • Achieving the lowest average Last Stone Draw distance for the event

  • Playing the eventual champions (Team Myers – Dallas/Ft. Worth Curling Club) to the final stone in the 8th end. All other teams conceded early against Team Myers.

  • Forging friendships with other teams, particularly Team Tutweiler – Rocket City Curling Club and Team Waddington – Orange County Curling Club

  • Broomstacking with Interim CEO of USA Curling Dean Gemmel and sharing candid feedback about the challenges of arena curling, recent USA Curling events, and working towards dedicated ice

About the Host Site

Eveleth, MN has a population of approximately 3,500 as of the 2020 census. The Range Recreation Civic Center (RRCC) is a regionally supported, 8-sheet facility that opened in 1999. Curl Mesabi formed from the merger of three smaller clubs in Eveleth, Gilbert, and Virginia, and manages the RRCC. The RRCC structure is not fancy but is extremely functional. The Arena National Championship was the second national championship event hosted by Curl Mesabi in 2022.


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