Member News: February 2018

SIGN-UP and PAY for KWIK Trip Gift Cards

Great fundraiser for the LCC.

PLAN to ATTEND + INVITE Interested Guests

Olympic Party Open House and Fun-Curl

on Sunday 02/25/18 4pm-7:30pm

Bring treats to share while watching

medal match Olympic curling.

The LCC BOD (Board of Directors) needs YOU

to join the BOD.

Let us know if you would be willing to serve on the board.

17-18 BOD: Chris H, Kathi M, Jud O, Jim W,

Jim B, Tim A, Roger Z, Robert R.

PLAN to ATTEND the LCC Annual Meeting

6:30pm on 04/04/18. We NEED your input.

STAY UP-to-DATE… Check the website often.

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